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Beretta of Italy is the oldest gun manufacturer in the world. They have been producing guns since 1526.

Berettas are available in all gauges and configurations. The line includes the affordable and reliable 391 series to the handcrafted SO series sidelocks.

Beretta has made their fine reputation with their full line of affordable, high quality shotguns.


AL391 Urika Description

Authentic Competition Shotguns
AL391 Urika semiautomatic trap, sporting clays, Teknys and target shotguns maintain the superior design, control, and reliability of the AL391 Urika hunting versions, but possess features that make them true competition shotguns. The stocks, fore-ends and buttplates are designed for maximum performance in every shooting discipline. The rounded receiver profile and broad, ventilated rib ensure quick target acquisition. The AL391's self-compensating gas system makes it one of the softest shooting autoloaders right out of the box - reducing felt recoil and improving second shot recovery. Beretta's adjustable drop and cast system on the AL391 Urika competition shotguns ensure a custom fit for every shooter. All Competition models have the Optima Bore and choke system.

AL391 Urika Trap Optima
The AL391 Urika Trap is distinguished by a wide ventilated rib with white front and mid-rib beads, a Monte Carlo stock and special trap recoil pad. The receiver is satin black with glossy side panels and silver markings. The trigger is gold, the stock and fore-end select walnut. Interchangeable Optima choke tubes or fixed chokes are available.

AL391 Urika Gold Trap
This 12-gauge shotgun maintains the features of the standard model, but also includes a highly-selected walnut stock and fore-end. The receiver is tastefully engraved with gold-filled Beretta logo and the "P. Beretta" signature. The bolt and carrier are jeweled. Optima chokes are standard.

AL391 Urika Sporting Optima
The AL391 Urika Sporting model is available with a special competition sporting stock with rounded rubber recoil pad, wide ventilated rib and white front and mid-rib bead sights. The receiver is satin black with silver markings. The trigger is gold and interchangeable Optima® choke tubes are standard. An Overbored barrel is now standard.

AL391 Urika Gold Sporting Optima
Available in both 12 and 20 gauge models. The Gold Sporting's receivers feature tasteful gold-filled engraving. The bolt and carrier are jeweled. Optima chokes in 12 Ga. only.


AL391 Urika Target SL Optima
Made for those who want perfect shooting, this model derives from the AL391 Urika Trap model and comes with a Monte Carlo stock with parallel comb and reduced grip radius. This facilitates the grip and instinctive pointing. The shotgun has all the professional characteristics of the Beretta competition semiautomatics.

S682 Gold E

The Evolution of a Winner
After years helping countless competitive shooters to the victory stand, the Beretta S682 Gold have been revamped and re-designed to make them the most sought after competition over-and-unders available. The new S682 Gold E's strong, low profile receiver has an exclusive dual color finish. Together with the modern ellipsis graphic motif, the contrast between the glossy, matte and gold parts ensures an extraordinary beauty. Beretta's electroless nickel finish provides added protection against the elements.

Optima-Bore® Optima-Choke®
Some models of the new S682 Gold E feature the Optima-Bore® barrel profile that reduces felt recoil and improves shot distribution. The new long and thin Optima-Choke® choke tubes, also available in the extra long version, ensure consistent shot distribution year after year. Top and side ribs are ventilated to dissipate heat as well as improve pointability and target acquisition. They differ from model to model. Barrels are chrome lined internally and have a deep blued finish.

Adjustable Stock with Memory System
Stocks are matched to each individual shooting discipline. Wood density is selected for strength, and wood grain is carefully laid out to avoid weak areas. Some S682 Gold E models feature a fully adjustable stock. This ensures a perfect fit by allowing shooters to adjust for comb height and for cast-on, cast-off. The adjusting mechanism features a patented locking system so settings remain secure and unchanged. An indicator scale provides for quick, easy calibration.

Details that make a difference
Triggers on all S682 E's are adjustable for length of pull fit to three positions to better fit the gun to shooter's hand and shooting style. Two trigger shoes are supplied: one with a canted surface for right-or left-handed shooters and one with a wide, symmetrical face. Trigger pull is precise and lock times assured through the use of powerful core springs and sturdy alloy firing pins. Exceptional durability is ensured by self-adjusting , dual conical locking lugs, replaceable hinge pins and barrel shoulders, hard chrome-lined barrels and chambers, and obviously thanks to the quality of raw materials, the precision of machining and the perfection of heat and surface treatment. A newly designed ABS hard case, featuring the exclusive double handle, is included.

DT10 Trident

Professional Perfection
Features, dimensions, weight, balance, point of impact...everything in Beretta's new competition over-and-under, the DT10 Trident, has been professionally studied and refined to meet and surpass the technical requirements of serious competition. The shape of the stock and fore-end were developed according to the requirements of the world's best shooters. The weights of all components ensure the best possible distribution of mass, the optimum balance and swing required in each sport. For unsurpassed performance the barrels are specific to each discipline, varying in thickness, in the upper rib design, in the side rib design and in the sighting plane.

Impeccable Construction
The DT10 guns are treated as Premium Grade shotguns at all phases of production. A focus on detail and the coupling of all components, primary (receiver, barrel, fore-end iron) and secondary (trigger group, top lever), makes each gun unique, giving the shooter an instrument that has been personally tested and perfected by the master gunsmiths of the world's oldest firearms manufacturer.

Unsurpassed Performance
Four major developments set the Beretta DT10 Trident competition over-and-unders apart from all other competition shotguns: A new internal barrel configuration (Optima-Bore®). Available on some models, this considerably improves shot pattern distribution, felt recoil reduction and shot velocity optimization. The new Optima-Choke® competition choke-tubes. Longer and slimmer, with an internal profile formed to enhance the concentration and distribution of shot patterns. Specific point of impact. While the models for Olympic Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays have a common central point of impact, the models designed for American Trap are characterized by a high point of impact. Correct distribution of mass. This allows the gun to have a center of mass coaxial with the first (bottom) barrel, eliminating muzzle rise and affording faster target acquisition on the second shot. The DT10 Trident X-Trap Combo allows the shooter to maintain a steady, unaltered sighting plane and point of impact with both barrels.

Safety and Ergonomics
The initials "DT" in DT10 are an abbreviation of "Detachable Trigger", emphasizing the efficiency and simplicity of the new trigger group release system. Dismantling occurs in three distinct steps, and unlike rival products the detachment of the trigger group is possible only when the gun is safely broken open. The trigger position can be perfectly adjusted with the screwdriver provided. The innovative design of the top lever is based on the needs of the top shooters: the grip is made easier and the gun is simpler to use for left-handers. The safety was shaped to provide the best hold and smoothest working movement. Lightning-fast lock times and ultra-crisp trigger pull is ensured by "V" shaped mainsprings.

Lifelong Reliability
To ensure the Trident's longevity and increase strength, Beretta has raised and thickened the sides of the receiver. The width and shape of the extractors allow shells to be consistently ejected in a timely and efficient manner. The fore-end iron contains a replaceable nut, treated for resistance, to guarantee the perfect barrel to fore-end iron fit, year in and year out. The DT10 Trident comes with a three-year extended warranty.

Functional and Durable
The trap and skeet models have a black receiver, and the sporting clays models have a two-tone matte silver finish. The high-quality walnut stocks are oil-finished by hand. The pistol grip and the fore-end are hand- checkered to both ensure a solid grip and to complement the overall design of the gun. By fastening the fore-end iron with hidden screws the fore-end's elegant practicality is given an additional technical advance. A sturdy carrying case, complete with accessories, is supplied.

Adjustable Stock with Memory System
Some DT10 Trident models feature a fully adjustable stock. This ensures a perfect fit by allowing shooters to adjust for comb height and for cast-on, cast-off. The adjusting mechanism features a patented locking system so settings remain secure and unchanged. An indicator scale provides for quick, easy calibration.

DT10 Trident Trap
This model has a non-selective single trigger, an International-style stock with a rubber recoil pad, competition beavertail fore-end, special tapered rib and fluorescent or white front sights.

DT10 Trident Double Trap
Same features as the Trap model. The barrels are fitted with Beretta Optima-Choke® interchangeable choke-tubes or fixed chokes.

DT10 Trident X Trap
This version features Optima-Bore® barrels with Optima-Choke® tubes, selective single trigger, Montecarlo adjustable stock with rubber recoil pad, wide beavertail fore-end, special progressive rib, and white front sights with mid-bead.

DT10 Trident X Trap Mono
This version has a single barrel designed specifically for American Trap competition; its other characteristics match that of the original X Trap.

DT10 X Trap Combo
Interchangeable over-and-under and top single barrels distinguish this variation.

DT10 Trident Skeet
Features a special skeet stock with rounded recoil pad, beavertail fore-end, selective single trigger and special tapered top rib. Also available in Optima-Bore® version with interchangeable Optima-Choke® choke-tubes and fully adjustable stock.

DT10 Trident Sporting
This model offers a selective single trigger, sporting stock with rounded rubber recoil pad, Schnabel fore-end and Optima-Bore® barrels with interchangeable Optima-Choke® choke-tubes.

DT10 Trident Electrocibles (ZZ Birds)
For the many enthusiasts of this new discipline, Beretta introduces a new Electrocibles version with interchangeable Optima-Choke® choke-tubes on the bottom barrel, fixed chokes on the top, selective single trigger, and Trap stock and fore-end.


Silver Pigeon Description

Beretta Silver Pigeon
The Beretta Silver Pigeon over-and-under shotguns are a perfect blend of beauty and performance; the meticulous detail of their appearance mirrored by their flawless performance in the field. Produced in 12, 20 and 28 gauge models, the Silver Pigeon features Beretta's exclusive universal chamber, which allows the Silver Pigeon to accommodate all 3" (76 mm) Magnum cartridges (excluding 28 gauge) and improves performance when using 2 3/4""(70 mm) cartridges. When you take a Beretta Silver Pigeon into the field you equip yourself with the first name in consistent over-and-under performance - the preferred hunting companion of millions.

S686 Silver Pigeon - Beretta's Classic Over-and-Under
Rich scroll work on the receiver and an elegant nickel finish set the Silver Pigeon apart, as do its superior performances. The stock's fine-cut checkering and the schnabel fore-end complement the Silver Pigeon's stylish appearance. The Silver Pigeon Combo set includes interchangeable barrels in 20 and 28 gauges, while the High Gloss version features ultra-polished enhancements on the receiver, stock and fore-end. The X-Tra Wood model boasts beautifully grained walnut wood finish, bringing a luxurious look to this reasonably priced shotgun.

S687 Silver Pigeon II - Impressions of Hunting
One look reveals the uniqueness of this Beretta over-and-under: deep relief engravings depicting hunting scenes on the side plates and rich English scrolls decorate the receiver. All metallic parts are coated in Beretta's special nickel-based finish for corrosion resistance. The stock and Schnabel fore-end are either matte lacquer finished or oil finished to bring out the high quality grain of the wood. An oval shield for personalized initials is inlaid on the stock.

What is X-Tra Wood?

This wood enhancement finish, exclusively Beretta's, affordably reproduces the rich grain pattern of Beretta's highest quality Premium Grade walnut. The wood core maintains the warmth and feel of wood, while the film and sealant waterproof the entire stock, making it impermeable. The film is protected by a tough scratch-resistant semi gloss lacquer, while the straight-grained wood core guarantees years of use in all shooting environments. Available in 2003 on both the Onyx Pro and AL391 Teknys, the new X-Tra Wood, is covered by a special refinishing program.

Should the consumer damage the finish, Beretta USA will refinish the stock and/or fore-end for a nominal charge. Contact Beretta USA Customer Service for more information. (Program excludes all permanent wood damage or cracking caused by abuse). Now, for the first time, the hunter can use their "Premium Grade" walnut stock without fear of damaging it! Every X-Tra Wood stock is clearly but elegantly identified by the distinctive mark on the bottom of the grip cap.

471 Silver Hawk

A Timeless Classic
Through years of evolution, proven side-by-side shotguns have exhibited the best of Beretta's skill. Remarkably light and responsive, they incorporate features that enhance performance and durability while preserving their simplicity appealing to sportsmen worldwide with their flawless operation, their superior durability and their unsurpassed ease of handling.

Technically Superior
The patented locking mechanism of the Silver Hawk is precision manufactured through advanced Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) that removes metal with astonishing accuracy and consistency. The innovative "progressive" bottom locking system ensures a solid lock-up, year after year. The 471 Silver Hawk's durability and operational integrity are assured by the hard, corrosion-resistant, silver chrome finish on all exposed metal parts. Every one of these components, from the receiver to the bores and chamber, to the elegant fore-end iron, to the top lever, trigger, trigger guard and trigger plate is protected by this tough, stylish finish. The elegant, low profile receiver is made of a nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel alloy and features fine hand chased engraving. The barrels of the Beretta 470 side-by-side are made of "Excelsior" high tensile steel. Consequently, the barrels are extraordinarily resistant yet lightweight, engendering optimum balance and superb control.

In a Word, Innovation
Technologically sophisticated laser technology is used to actually fuse the barrel tubes to the Monobloc, creating the unique Beretta Block - a solid-steel barrel chamber set with no brazing or other mechanical attachment to mar the perfect alignment of these two all-important components. The result is more than a seamless assembly of unyielding strength. It is a classic look that will never be outdated. Complementing the lines of the Silver Hawk are the smooth ribs, concave and deep-set, which also contribute to rapid target acquisition. The new 12 gauge Optima-Choke® choke tubes are longer and slimmer than those of a conventional 12 gauge, with an elongated cone for minimized pellet deformation and improved shot patterns.

Respecting the Environment
The ejection system of the 471 Silver Hawk offers the shooter two choices for removing spent shells. An innovative selector switch, located on the fore-end iron, provides for automatic ejection or manual extraction. It's an environmentally friendly way of keeping spent hulls from littering hunting fields.

Refining Perfection
The classic English-style stock and slender, finely checkered fore-end are made of selected walnut with traditional oil finish to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. The trigger guard, which extends beyond the trigger plate up to the stock, and the oriented screws are fine details which show the particular attention paid to these excellent side-by-sides. The fore-end is further enhanced with a fore-end iron featuring fine engraving.

Even the safety system of the 471 side-by-side displays considerable innovation. Offering a traditional manual safety - plus an automatic safety, on request - our exhaustive study of the mechanism has led to superb security. If the action is not totally closed, the top lever safety immediately blocks the firing mechanism. The safety on the hammers and sears is designed to endure the impact of violent blows or falls and prevent accidental discharge.

The Select Few
Constructed in 12 and 20 gauge models, with a single selective or double trigger, the 471 is available in the classic Silver Hawk model - marked by the gold inlaid hawk's head on the top lever - and also in the new 470 EL version. This luxurious gun features color case hardened side plates applied without screws and trimming, and gamebirds depicted in gold. The stock, fore-end and buttplate are crafted from the highest quality walnut, finely grained and carefully polished. The 470 EL is also equipped with an attractive, durable carrying case.


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