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The Company

Great Lakes Sporting Arms, LLC is a Michigan-based company providing web-based sales and services of high-end shotguns and related accessories to competition shooters and collectors throughout the United States. They also display products at selected skeet shooting and sporting clay tournaments located in various cities across the United States.

Great Lakes Sporting Arms
8585 PGA Drive, Suite 104
Walled Lake, MI 48390

Tel 248-313-9546 - fax 248-313-9547

Email: kurt@glsporting.com

Mission Statement

Provide a venue to customers and venders giving them the best quality and service available for shotgun sports performance and competition.

Target Market

The target market of Great Lakes Sporting Arms is the entire shooting community in the USA. For this reason, GLSA is a destination business and will reach it potential customers in three ways. Great Lake Sporting Arms, LLC operates in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, but it will establish a presence throughout the entire country's shooting community by: its geographical location, its display at various tournament venues throughout the USA, and its strong professional web campaign.

Products & Services

The company offers sales and services of Krieghoff, Kolar, Perazzi, Berretta and Blaser shotguns to competition skeet, sporting clays & trap shooters throughout the United States. Great Lakes Sporting Arms offers not only the finest products available but the knowledge required to fit and customize the firearms to help our client obtain maximum results in tournament competitions. Traveling and displaying at various venues throughout the United States, GLSA will offer hands on, face-to-face consultation to targeted consumers making them a premier shotgun dealer.

Team Members

Kurt Grates, Managing Member

Kurt has been involved in the shooting industry since 1990 participating as a competitor in skeet shooting, sporting clay tournaments, and American Trap Shooting Tournaments throughout the country. He has been a member of twelve All American Teams and has won an Open NSSA World Championship. He continues to participate in major tournaments at an elite level.

Roger Kasle, Member

has been participating in skeet, sporting clays and trap shooting tournaments throughout the country since the mid-1980's. He is an avid sportsman and has traveled the world hunting various types of big game and birds. He is also an avid collector of extremely high-end firearms, guitars and banjos. Roger's drive and determination is of world class levels.